WordPress Latvia

The branding for the WordPress Latvia community designed by Raitis Sevelis. Applicable and free to use for WordCamps and meetups in Latvia.

WordPress product sales vs refunds

The question about refund rates was raised in the WordPress community a while ago. An anonymous survey was created for WordPress businesses to share their refund rates.

WordPress theme and plugin prices in 2023

In 2023, I keep on monitoring WordPress theme and plugin prices. I have analyzed the latest changes, patterns, and trends related to pricing themes and plugins – this is what I found.

WordPress plugins: Active releases and updates

WordPress plugins constantly release new versions with fixes and new features. Some plugins receive updates once a month, others once a quarter. But how many users receive those features?

Wapuu alphabet for kids (free ebook & book)

This ebook is a fun way for kids to learn the English alphabet. The ebook contains twenty-six unique Wapuus, each representing a letter from the English alphabet and the most commonly used words (among kids).

WordPress accessibility and beyond

Being around WordPress accessibility is a tough job. How accessible WordPress really is and how do plugins affect it? I’ve decided to find out.

WordPress.org plugin review analysis

We all know how plugin reviews are made. I decided to look into the data of some prominent plugins and perform my own WordPress.org plugin review analysis. Here is what I found.

WordPress Plugins & Prices (Raw Data)

There are almost 60 000 plugins available on the official WordPress plugin directory. I have analyzed the prices and licenses of the most popular ones.