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Are you looking for a collaboration or need help? 🦝

WPRacoon is a non-profit resource and community managed in my free time. Yet, it still uses resources (apart from my time) like hosting, domain, tools, etc. Resources that I could spend on my family and hobbies.

To break even, there are certain things I can do for businesses on a favor-for-favor basis. Below, you can find things that you may be interested in (taking into account the scope of WPRacoon).

I want you to list my item in plugins or theme pricing lists

Great! It's fast and easy - like making a cup of coffee.

This is why I have a proposal - you buy me a coffee and I add your item to the list.

The hardest part is to keep the list ever-green. If you see that I have missed something - just let me know.

What about promotions, reviews, consulting, etc.?

I'm always happy to help good people to achieve their goals.

There are things that I know pretty well or know the right people that can help your business. There are things I can spread around the community or give you feedback on certain business processes and models.

We can do all of that, but it needs to be discussed.

What is featured? I want to have my item to be featured as well

Recently, I started to highlight themes and plugins that I like and that help me to run WPRacoon (financially). Both factors should be present for the item to be highlighted (featured).

I understand, that such items receive more attention and can generate extra leads, downloads, and sales. If you want to get your items featured, we can do so for as low as $150 per 3 months.

For both, themes and plugins, I won't highlight more than 3 items at the same time so book in advance.

Also, taking into account my full-time employment, I may say no to our competitors. No harsh feelings, you may have great product guys but I can't go against the products I love.


Raitis Sevelis and WPRacoon

How to get in touch

I'm available on Facebook (Raitis Sevelis) and in the community so reach out to me whenever you need it. Also, you can always reach me via email at [email protected].

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