Are you looking for a collaboration or need assistance? 🦝

WPRacoon is a non-profit resource and community yet we still use resources, like hosting, domain, time. Resources, that can be spend elsewhere.

To maintain the blog and community, there are several partnership opportunities that can help you business:

Can I promote my products in the community?

Let's talk to understand more about your products and what kind of promotion you have in mind. 

How can I get my items featured?

It depends. Getting items highlighted in the theme and plugin price lists will cost you several cups of coffee

If you want to be featured on the blog, contact me at [email protected].

Do you accept guest posts?

If your content is unique, we can work together. If you want to promote products and have unique content - we can work together (but it will cost).

I want to be listed in the plugins and themes price list

Great! It's as fast as making a cup of coffee.

Here is the deal. I'm adding your item - you're buying me a coffee.

Are there any other ways for us to collaborate?

Years in an agency and decade in WordPress don't pass without experience. If you need my help with business processes, market research, community, or user interface I will be happy to help. Contact me at [email protected].