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WordPress Wapuu alphabet ebook for kids

Download a free ebook with 26 unique Wapuus. Made for kids and parents who love WordPress. Liked the book?  Buy me a coffee. 

Wapuu alphabet free ebook for kids

Hello, world! A free ebook project inspired by Wapuu - the cute WordPress mascot.

This ebook is a fun way for kids to learn the English alphabet. The ebook contains twenty-six unique Wapuus, each representing a letter from the English alphabet and the most commonly used words (among kids).

Why do we even need another alphabet book? What's wrong with the rest?

As a WordPress lover, I feel that Wapuu can be considered a kids-friendly character and a good companion for learning letters and words.

Plus, since you love WordPress, why not share the same passion with your youngsters, right?

Last but not least I have been daydreaming about writing a book for a while. While it's too early for a novel or a business book, the alphabet will do just fine. 🤣

What are your thoughts? As always, reach out to me in the “WordPress for Business” community on Facebook.

Do I have plans for the printed version? It depends.

The printed book might get pretty expensive (if you aim for the quality). This is why I am looking for a WordPress company to back the project up. 💰

This will make the book affordable for a larger audience. For those interested, feel free to reach out to me (Raitis Sevelis) for more details.

Want to back my project individually? Thank You. ☕

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