WordPress Latvia

WordPress has a strong community in the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and home of some prominent WordPress products and services, including Indystack, PatchStack, Hostinger, Visual Composer, and Colorlib.

I am proud of the fact, that my hometown Riga (Latvia) managed to build a community capable to organize tens of meetups and two WordCamps.

You can access WordPress Latvia brandbook or download all assets here: wordpress-latvia-assets.zip

WordPress Latvia logo

To support the growth and ambitious goals of the local community, I have created an identity to make WordPress Latvia more recognized.

WordPress Latvia and traditional Latvian symbols

The identity represents the mix of WordPress standards and Latvian traditional symbols. Anyone representing WordPress Latvia is free to use the assets in their presentations and other materials.

Wapuu Latvia - Wapuuplesis

I am also excited to introduce you to the Latvian Wapuu - Wapuuplesis. Wapuuplesis is the reincarnation of a famous Latvian warrior Lacplesis in a form of Wapuu. Just like his ancestor, Wapuuplesis is strong, kind, and always ready to help those in need. He stands for equality and freedom.

WordPress Latvia

The branding for the WordPress Latvia community designed by Raitis Sevelis. Applicable and free to use for WordCamps and meetups in Latvia.