WordPress theme prices and beyond

How much do you think a WordPress theme costs per single site? Or maybe you want to go with an unlimited plan? I have analyzed the pricing and licensing of the 59 most popular WordPress themes and this is what I found. 🔎

My name is Raitis Sevelis and I work as a product manager at Visual Composer. I have been around WordPress for 10 years. As a side project, I run a community for WordPress business owners and analyze them.

Theme prices: high, low, and average 🤑

The very first thing you can see when analyzing WordPress theme prices is consistency.

The prices of themes are not that different. I can explain it with the purpose - they all serve the same goal. Unlike plugins, where there is a WordPress plugin for everything.

It all results in the fact that the difference in price for low-tier plans varies by around $10. This is why it makes sense to look into averages.

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On average, you will need to spend around $57 on a theme if you go with a single-site license. This is the price you will have to pay annually.

It is worth mentioning that some themes start with bundles containing 3 and more licenses (up to unlimited).

For higher plans, unlimited included, get ready to pay $140 on average (we speak annually again). Still pretty low if we compare it with the plugins.

With clear annual pricing on our hands, I would say you should make a decision fast. If you have at least 3 sites running - go with the unlimited license as it will totally pay off in the future.

Themes love lifetime 🌌

A stunning 74% of all popular WordPress themes have lifetime licenses available.

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A license type that “kills” businesses.

To me, it all happened historically due to Envato where customers receive lifetime updates. Let's be fair, Envato had a huge impact on the WordPress theme market over the years.

Do businesses want to go away from that model? Perhaps, but it has to be global and I think theme owners will find it hard to agree. Also, taking into account that many popular themes are still sold on the Envato market.

It's all about unlimited 🧮

As we already know, WordPress themes love unlimited.

To be more number specific, 56% of all popular theme vendors offer unlimited site plans on their pricing page.

With an unlimited plan and a lifetime purchase, a WordPress theme business may feel like a trap for a regular business owner. Not that much for a customer.

Not necessarily.

It all comes down to support. In WordPress, support is the thing that gets businesses going and WordPress themes are no different.

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Almost none of the unlimited and lifetime plans offer lifetime support. This puts customers in a place where they need to pay for support annually. This allows businesses to operate.

Refunds have you covered 👷

When it comes to refunds, we want to feel safe. So, how safe are we when we purchase a WordPress theme?

Most WordPress theme businesses offer either a 14 or 30 days refund period. No questions asked. Considering the fact that most refunds happen within the first few days - there is plenty of time to think.

To be more precise 17% offer a 14 days refund period and 19% go with 30 days.

What happens with the rest 64%? It depends.

Around 40% of all popular themes come from Envato (ThemeForest) and this is where the problem begins. Envato has pretty strict refund rules - you have to think twice before buying.

Of course, the themes are of high quality and the prices are not high either. You risk almost nothing. On the other hand, I feel much safer when I see a refund option available.

As for the remaining 24%, they either go with a different refund period or no refund period at all.


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